NCACES Call for General Awards
Deadline: 5:00 p.m. Central Time, Friday July 12, 2019

This is a call for nominations for the 2019-2020 NCACES General Awards, which will be presented at the business meeting at the ACES national conference, Seattle, Washington, October 10-13. For more information, please visit

Please consider making a nomination and pass this call on to your colleagues.
Submissions of award applications will be through an online portal located here:

Types of Awards

The General Membership of NCACES has approved the following list of nomination award categories

NCACES Outstanding Professional Service Award: To honor a professional who is an ally to the fields of counseling and counselor education for outstanding service to NCACES or to the cause of counselor education and supervision that is of regional and national importance to the profession. Awardees do not have to be ACES or NCACES members.
Nominees will demonstrate at least one of the listed criteria below.
a. Promotes the benefits of the fields of counseling and counselor education through sharing their expertise to community organizations, school community, or other key stakeholders
b. Involved with advocacy and/or social justice movements to address equity and access issues within the counseling profession
c. Demonstrates strong collaboration with faculty/counselor education program to advance counseling profession

NCACES Outstanding Professional Teaching Award: To honor excellence in teaching in a counseling, counselor education, or counseling supervision program in the North Central Region.
Nominees will demonstrate at least one of the listed criteria below.
a. Pedagogical Practices
i. Extends learning outside of classroom and provides opportunities to promote learning and address individual student needs
ii. Joins class to the community, to campus, and/or other classes (cross-curricular learning)
b. Demonstrates support of all students
i. Shows enthusiasm for teaching and learning
ii. Builds student relationships
iii. Creates learning environments where students feel safe, accepted, and open to share and express ideas
c. Connects teaching to counseling profession
i. Teaching connected to research and scholarship;
ii. Teaching connected to service and leadership;
iii. Teaching connected to advocacy and social justice

NCACES Professional Leadership Award: To honor excellence in leadership in counselor education and supervision of an officer, committee person, or other major contributor at the national, regional, or state level.
Nominees will demonstrate at least one of the listed criteria below.
a. Displays collaborative leadership
i. Contributes to the success of an initiative that benefits those outside his/her own program/counseling specialty area/department and/or places emphasis on collaboration within and among departments/colleges/professional areas.
b. Provides mentoring, training, development and support for emerging leaders; views role as a leader to be someone to cultivate future leaders
c. Leads advocacy efforts by participating in activities that support the development of the counseling profession and enhance diversity

NCACES Research Award: To honor significant research in the profession including the areas of counseling, counselor education, or counselor supervision.

NCACES Outstanding Supervisor Award: To honor an individual in NCACES who has demonstrated outstanding work as a supervisor in a university, community/mental health counseling, or school setting.
Nominees will demonstrate at least one of the listed criteria below
a. Demonstrates innovation in clinical supervision and/or supervision research
b. Creates safe, supervisory environments by showing empathy, openness, and flexibility
c. Provides honest, constructive, and supportive feedback in a growth-oriented manner
d. Advancement of student knowledge, techniques/skills, and theory

Deanna Hawes Outstanding Mentor Award: To honor an individual in NCACES who has been a significant mentor to graduate students, emerging professionals, educators, and/or supervisors in the manner demonstrated by Dr. Deanna Hawes over the course of her career in counselor education.
Nominees will demonstrate at least one of the listed criteria below.
a. Builds strong, trustworthy student relationships & mentoring to assist students’ growth and development as a professional counselor educator/counselor
b. Facilitates and supports professional and personal development of those mentored
c. Creates safe, exploratory environments that supports constructive feedback and experiential learning

NCACES Outstanding Diversity Award: To honor significant multicultural contributions to the profession of counseling, counselor education, or supervision.
Nominees will demonstrate at least one of the listed criteria below.
a. Demonstrates advocacy that addresses systemic barriers that directly impacts marginalized populations’ ability to access counseling services.
b. Demonstrates commitment to graduate students’ multicultural counseling growth and development.
c. Demonstrates through professional work (i.e. , teaching, service, and/or scholarship a commitment to culturally responsive counseling, social justice, and working toward systemic change.

NCACES Innovative Counselor Education Program Award: To honor an outstanding, innovative, and/or unique counseling or counselor education program at an institution in the NCACES Region. (Note: Depending on the number and distribution of nominations, a Master’s programs and for a Doctoral program may be recognized.)
Nominees will demonstrate at least one of the listed criteria below.
a. Innovation
i. Demonstrates new curricular structures, content and/or programming and provides rationale
ii. Discusses new extensions or partnerships in the community
iii. Provides students new opportunities to learn and grow as counselors or counselor educators
b. Effectiveness of Innovation: Programmatic features/innovations have direct impact on student learning and outcomes
i. Evidence of improvement in student learning outcomes
ii. Evidence of improvement in student motivation and engagement
iii. Discussion of impact/effectiveness of partnerships in the community
iv. New features of program have direct application to counseling and/or counselor education

NCACES Outstanding Graduate Student Award: To honor a graduate student in NCACES who has provided outstanding leadership or service to the profession at the state, regional, or national level that has promoted the profession.
Nominees will demonstrate at least one of the listed criteria below.
a. Shows strong commitment to the fields of counseling and counselor education
i. Shows strong potential for future contributions to the profession of CES in teaching, research, practice and/or service.
b. Demonstrates strong engagement with the teaching, learning, research, and mentoring process.
i. Either in master’s level mentoring and support or doctoral teaching & mentorship

Guidelines for Submitting a NCACES Award Nomination

Nominations for NCACES General Awards should follow the guidelines below:
The process is two stages.

1. First, nominators should:
a. Carefully review the criteria for the award for which they are making a nomination as well as the detailed rubric reviewers use to score nomination proposals. The detailed assessment rubrics are found at this link:
Create one combined PDF file that includes the nomination letter AND the additional support letters. A letter of nomination that clearly states the award for which you are nominating the person (or program) and reasons why the individual (or program) is deserving of the award. Two additional letters (not more!) of support that clearly state the award for which the person (or program) is being nominated and reasons the individual (or program) is deserving of the award.
c. List the nominee’s correct contact information AND
ACES membership number (which is also their ACA number). This is in order for the awards committee to verify the nominee is an NCACES members. All nominees for individual awards except the Professional Service Award, must be members of NCACES.

2. Secondly, complete the Online form document. The link is here:
a. The form requires the nominator to input their contact information AND the nominee’s contact information and ACES membership number.
b. The form requires the nominator to upload their combined PDF file that contains their nomination and additional support letters.

ALL NCACES General Awards nominations are due by Friday, July 12, 2019, at 5:00 p.m. CENTRAL time. At that time, the form will close.

4. The General Awards Committee will review and score all proposals. For objectivity, all names will be redacted for a
blind review by the reviewing awards committee.

BOTH nominees and nominators will be apprised of their status by Thursday, August 15, 2019. Those who are given awards should be present to receive them OR designate a representative to attend the NCACES Business Meeting at the ACES Annual Conference in Seattle, Washington.

6. Questions should be directed to
Rebecca McLean, Member at Large Elect 2018-2019 and Member at Large 2019-2020, at

7. If no nominations are received within certain categories, those awards will not be awarded for that year. Incomplete nominations will not be considered.